Board Engagement

The role of the Non-Executive Board has increasingly become a critical issue for many organizations. Enforced by economical, political crisis and new regulations, a rising number of companies demand enhanced corporate governance and review the composition of their boards as well as the individual qualification and performance of its members. Directors of European companies are required to operate in an increasingly exposed and complex environment that consequently demands new levels of time commitment and engagement, and most importantly, improvements in board performance.


Whether boards operate on the unitary or two-tier system, the structure and processes through which they deliver value must enable optimum engagement and communication between the non-executive and the executive directors. This is where many boards still struggle and where I want to optimize this interface and making it work well.

Case: UK plc

UK based MedTech company specialising in the development of innovative medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment. Products are used in a wide range of medical applications, enabling faster clinical-decision making and improved patient outcomes, whilst providing efficiencies that result in reduced healthcare costs.

My role as a Board Director is focused to support the executive team with the execution of their commercial (strategic partnerships) and industrialisation strategies. 

Case: Swiss AG

Swiss/US based MedTech company, dedicated to helping people with type 2 diabetes manage their disease by developing and commercialising simple drug delivery devices. Based on my broad experience in the Diabetes Care industry, I am supporting the company and executive team as a Board Director in the development of the platform, industrialisation and set-up of commercial, strategic partnerships.

Case: UK plc

UK based company leading early cancer detection. It has pioneered the development of autoantibody assay technologies that can detect cancer up to four years earlier  than other methods  and can be applied to a wide range of solid tumour types. As the Chairman of the Board I have led the company through the entire IPO process (successfully listed in 2016 at LSE). After that I support the executive in the worldwide commercialisation of the platform, incl. forming strategic partnerships.